Purchase Diwali Tickets

The IAG 2018 team is very excited to announce that the preparations for the Diwali Gala 2018 is in full swing & the team is already in the process of finalizing some amazing artists for the event. Please do not miss this unique mix of tradition, family, food, music and dance to celebrate Diwali with your near and dear ones!

The DIWALI Gala 2018 tickets are available for purchase now. We have a great show planned and would urge each and every one of you to avail this opportunity. Please note that there are limited number of tickets for this event.

See below the different levels of tickets available.

  • Payment for Diwali Tickets can be made via Paypal OR credit card.
  • Payment via Paypal or Credit Card can be done online. 

** Certain limits and guidelines may apply. Please contact IAG for additional information. **
Disclaimer: IAG Committee reserves the right to change benefits or terms and conditions at their discretion.